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Judy's Love in Bloom Bouquet is a delightful arrangement filled with a variety of lovely flowers. This bouquet, with its combination of pink hues, white accents, and lush greens, creates a fresh and romantic look. It's perfect for celebrating love, friendship, or sending warm wishes on special occasions. The variety of flowers ensures there's something to appeal to everyone's taste.

Pink Alstroemeria: Also known as Peruvian lilies, pink alstroemeria flowers are known for their delicate petals and subtle, sweet fragrance. They often symbolize friendship, devotion, and prosperity.

Roses: Pink roses convey admiration, gratitude, and joy. They add a classic touch of elegance and romance to any bouquet.

Pink Mini Carnations: Mini carnations are charming with their ruffled petals and come in various shades of pink, adding texture and depth to the arrangement.

Snapdragons: Snapdragons are tall, vertical flowers with spikes of blooms that come in various colors. They add a dynamic and playful element to bouquets.

White Carnations: White carnations symbolize purity, luck, and admiration. They provide contrast and complement the pink tones in the bouquet.

Greens: Various greens such as eucalyptus, salal, or leather ferns are commonly used to add volume, texture, and a natural backdrop to the bouquet.

Clear Glass Vase: The clear glass vase not only holds the bouquet together but also showcases the beauty and colors of the flowers.

Judy's Love in Bloom



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